Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wine Country! from Cloverdale, CA - September 28 - September 30, 2015

Eureka Elks was a good stopping place. The town of Eureka is pretty big. We took it easy here. Picked up groceries and did laundry. The big supermoon eclipse was a little disappointing. When it appeared over the trees here, the shadow was over half way accross and the moon itself was pretty small. I was expecting a great big ole moon. Oh well, we did see it.

We stopped at the Costco gas pumps on the way out Monday. California gas prices are higher than the other states around us, but Costco had regular for $2.65 a gallon. Many other stations in town are $2.99.

We headed south on the Redwood Highway (Highway 101) and the weather was perfect for traveling. The Redwood trees are awesome, but the roads , at times, were narrow, twisty, and very close to the big old trees.

Some trees had chunks out about 12 feet up. Ohhh Nooo.

We weren't in a hurry, so didn't mind going slowly through this beautiful, forested area.

It was a 181 mile day. Our destination was the Russian River Thousand Trails in Cloverdale, CA. We arrived around 1 PM. The place wasn't very busy. We chose a site that we could get Sat TV through the trees.

Gnome time!

Bunny was watching us.

Deer too.

And neat trails.

Tomorrow, we explore!

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