Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Smoky Washington & Idaho - Dalton Gardens, ID - August 20 - August 26, 2015

Another trip to the RV shop. Jacks are fine now, but still not working. Seems the control board is bad now. It is on order. But we defrosted our refrigerator again, and this time used the blow dryer on the door seals. I heated, softened them, and 'pooched' them out.

The next morning, the temp was 24 degrees in the food section! Never seen it that cold. I have the temp setting on 4 of 9 and everything sure looks good.
Again, we'll see.

While still at Crescent Bar, I still did my morning and evening walks. There are so many fires in the state, the smoke is thick ... everywhere.

Donna has a job here at Crescent Bar next year. We will get here in April next year. It should be fun.
Sunday, we had a move day, 188 miles Eastward

to the Little Diamond Thousand Trails Resort by Newport, WA. This is a combination KOA/TT park pretty close to the WA/ID border. Still smoky, but a little better than central WA.
We got a nice 50 Amp pull through site.

This is a nice clean wooded park, with a lake.

One of our 'bucket list' items was to visit and stay in all the Thousand Trail parks. This is the last TT park in WA state that we needed. We have now stayed in all the TT parks in WA (12), OR (5), and NV (1). Later this year, we hope to add all of CA (16) later too. That is  27 TT parks we have stayed at.

We also traveled a few miles into Idaho and found a couple of geocaches. Now that we have 'claimed'one in Idaho, we have now found geocaches in 20 states. A total of 109 finds. This is me as we claimed an Earthcache along the Pend Oreille River.

After 2 days at Little Diamond, we moved on a few miles to Dalton Gardens, Idaho. We are moochdocking at a friend's house. We are with several members of the Christian Fellowship BOF (Escapees Birds of a Feather) group.

Four of the rigs here belong to Solos. The Solos are another Escapees BOF. What a great bunch of folks. Great fellowship.

Two headed out this morning. The rest of us are heading to Newport, WA Thursday. We all will be meeting up with Chapter 39 (another Escapees Chapter group) and we will attend the Newport Bluegrass Music festival.
Fun, fun!


  1. Glad the hair dryer trick seemed to work for you.

  2. Nice to get out of the really thick smoke for a bit! Smokey here in Glacier too :-( I'm afraid it's going to be a bust in Utah next month unless some rains come in. Pretty cool making it to all those TT parks. I sure wish we got back into geocaching when we headed out last year. We would've had 20+ states added to ours too. Darn. Don't know when we'll get to those states again.

    1. Not sure when we will be doing Utah. But it is going to be fun.

  3. So when are you heading south? We're still south of Coeur d'Alene, heading to Boise over Labor Day weekend. Any chance we're crossing paths again?
    Dale and Ruth

    1. We will be leaving WA right after Labor Day. Down Highway 101, OR/CA this time.

  4. Your biggest fire is apparently only 5 miles from the Canadian border. Grand Forks BC is on evacuation alert. You guys are smoking out BC and Alberta. We have enough of our own fire and smoke this year thank you very much. :-)
    Safe travels!

    1. It has been a crazy year for fires this year, that's for sure.