Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Two Year Retirement Anniversary & Solar Power - June 1 - June 3, 2015

We left the Thunderbird Resort on the first. We were going to go to the Leavenworth Thousand Trails Resort in Plain, WA, but Poulsbo RV said our Jeep tow plate parts would be here on the first, so we postponed that trip and moved on over to the Tulalip Casino.

We just hung around all day in the rain.

Tuesday, Donna followed me into Everett to Poulsbo RV. They needed the RV to make sure the Jeep will tow ok. BUT... the parts didn't come in. OK, they could have called up..

Still no towing yet.

We said we will do this later when we come back to the area. And took off to the Leavenworth TT Resort. Donna followed and we made it just after noon.

We got a good FHU site, but no tv. Too many trees. That's alright. We are just doing 2 nights here.

My Sister and her husband (Karen & Cliff) are parked a few spaces away. We hadn't seen them since January in Arizona.

Here is a walk-about the park.

The entrance.

There is a mini golf, 2 lodges, pool, a lake, playgrounds, and hiking trails all over.

And these weird looking aliens around too.

Today, June 3rd, two years ago, I went into work at Frontier Communications, went out to lunch with by boss and co-workers, and turned in my badge and keys.

I left a retiree!

And loving every minute of it!

It has been a long and varied working life. I graduated high school in 1970

and worked in my senior year, and after graduation, at the Wenatchee Daily World.

I worked in the circulation department.

Then into the US Army I went ... 1971

I worked as a Radio Wave Propagation Specialist - Frequency Surveillance & Hazards

And got out in 1973
Married Donna, college days, and worked for the US Forest Service - Pre-sale & post-sale timber crews & a little fire fighting.

Back in the Army I went (taking Donna with me)

Land Combat Support System Specialist this time. Troubleshooting & calibrating the TOW, Dragon, Shillelagh & Lance weapon systems.

10 years total. And out for good in 1984.

I went to work for Apple Valley Telephone in 1984

Which became Televar Northwest.

Which became Computerland Network & Telephone.

I installed and took care of key & PBX phone systems & equipment.

Then in 1998, I left and went to work for the big guys in the Telecom field.

I started with GTE as an Installation & Repair Tech, then Special Services.

Then we became Verizon. I worked now as a Systems Tech.

Then we became Frontier Communications. I was a Central Office Equipment Installer now.

My last day .... June 3, 2013.

What a life. It was all good.

Speaking of good .... look what's working now!

We are totally in the shade, but it is up and running again!

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