Saturday, May 2, 2015

Oceana TT, Tulalip Casino, Birch Bay TT - April 26 - May 2, 2015

Headed north to another Thousand Trails. To Oceana TT near Ocean City, WA.

There wasn't very many people here this time of year.

We opted to park across the bridge in an area that would have Sat. reception.

And got a good spot for a couple of days.

Exploring the beach trails.

A beach junk tree.

There it is. Love the ocean.

Millions of jelly fish have washed up on the shore. Weird.

Anyone for a Sea salad?

Next stop was the Tulalip Casino near Marysville, WA.

We are here (for free) to visit with our Son Tim, Shannon, and our two grandsons, Roman and Ryker.

Fun, Fun!

Then off to Birch Bay TT. We will be here for 5 days

This makes 23 Thousand Trails parks, in 6 states, we have stayed in. For a total of 305 nights. With all of our costs figured in, that is averaging $ 15.53 a night.

Oh, and a pile of cats too!


  1. We noticed the same thing with the jellyfish here in the Coos Bay area. Very strange indeed.

    How is the solar install coming?