Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oakzanita Springs - December 16, 2014

We chose this Thousand Trails park because 1)we were going to our Grandson Chase's Marine Corp Boot Camp graduation. and 2)we wanted to visit and stay at each of the Thousand Trail parks that our membership allowed. The two weeks we were at Palm Springs were great. Location, park, and weather. Oakzanita Springs....not so much.

We made reservations for a week here, and tomorrow is moving day. This park is at 4,010 feet in elevation and California is having some cooler/wet weather right now. It has been getting up in the 50s during the day, but at night...35 this morning, and 32 a couple of days ago. We have 30 amp here, and this morning I had the fireplace, our electric space heater on, and even tried out our new Big Buddy.

It even rained pretty good the other day too. We are in the mountains and this park has all the ammenities like pool, jacuzi, clubhouse, and mini golf, but at this time of year, I think we prefer a warmer spot. It is only 29 miles South to our next park at Pio Pico. We drove down there to check out the roads and the park. It is much bigger, and will be warmer too. It is at 731 feet elevation.

So now we have been to Oakzanita Springs. I thought I should take a few pictures of the park before we leave, so others will be aware of what is here.

The entrance. There is an impossibly sharp right hand turn into the park off of Hwy 79. A driver must pass this entrance and make a U turn about a mile up the road, then the entrance is do-able.

The B Section has full hook ups and we tried to get in, but the only spot big enough for us, a pull through, wasn't after all. Just as well. The flyer says that the B Section has low power at times.

We found a good W/E hook up spot in the A Section.

Good power and spacing too.

There are lots of birds here, Blue Jays and others. Rumble Bunny loves to watch them.

There is a Fir tree and a Pine tree right next to us. The Pine has huge cones on it.

I captured one.

And a few shots of the 'common' areas. The folks we have met here are pretty friendly. The first morning here, we went to the lodge, sat by the fireplace, had coffee and some wonderful pumpkin-spice pound cake that one of the ladies had made.

Stay tuned.....

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  1. Looks like you found a really nice site. Love the pine cone, we managed to obtain a few when we were in Oregon earlier this year, they are giant compared to the ones we are used to in Wisconsin!