Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lake Minden, Nicolaus, CA

Feb 16, 2014, a beautiful travel day. Only 87 miles to drive today from Turtle Beach to Lake Minden. These are both Thousand Trails preserves. We are spending 2 weeks at each

The trip up I-5 went smoothly, even through Sacramento. Driving on a Sunday made a big difference. There was construction on Hwy 99 right where we were to exit towards the RV park. We continued on and by the time I decided I had better turn around, The 87 mile trip turned into 111 miles. I think it is time to update my GPS to get all the new construction work data.

So far since entering California, I have been able to fuel up at stations that had diesel prices under $4.00 a gallon. In Tehachapi we fueled up at a Love's station for $3.91, and in Manteca at a Super Stop station for $3.99. I see that further north we go, the cheaper it gets. Cool!

We arrived at the Lake Minden park.

The park surrounds Lake Minden. section A is the only section with full hookups. But they are very, very close together. And I saw a sign stating...'Low voltage in section A'.

We moved on to section D. Lots of room, Water and Electric (30 amp). And we picked out a really nice site.

Lake Minden is pretty large and pretty. The park road goes all around it. We are going to enjoy walking/biking it while we are here.

And we even have a pretty good view of the lake through out living room window.

Over by the mini-golf and horseshoe pits, there are a couple of strange trees growing. I had to get some pics of them.

Look at the Palm tree growing in the center of the tree. Is that cool or what?!

So while we are here, Donna is working hard making vests for the staff members of the Washington State Good Sams. She volunteered to make 50 new green vests for the staff. They voted to change colors and so everyone will have their new vest to wear at the Lynden Campout in Lynden, WA this coming April 1st.

Here she is cutting out the last set of medium sized vests. She should have all 50 finished while we are here.

I am the webmaster for the Washington State Good Sam's web site. Not as hard of job that Donna has, as long as I have an internet connection.

When she is not working on the vests, she keeps busy knitting, crocheting, or making something.

I usually just chill!

After all, I've only been retired since June 3rd. I'm still adjusting.....  :)

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  1. Look like a great park. Looks like we'll meet up with you at the Rally! Diesel around here has been $3.82 for many months.